Taking Your Business to a Higher Level

One on One Tutoring

Have you ever wanted to learn how to maintain a WordPress website? How about how to edit images in Photoshop? How about just some simple “how do the programs on my computer work” types of lessons? Well, I have been working with computers for the past twenty five years and have learned quite a lot about how they work and how several different programs work as well. My time in College also gave me the opportunity to teach other students as a Student Assistant and Tutor.

Recently, I’ve begun teaching a few people that I met on Craigslist how to manage their website and how to work their programs like Outlook, Excel, Word, and Photoshop as well as online social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Many of these programs or websites are fairly easy to learn, it’s all just a matter of sitting down and taking the time to learn it, and with my tutoring I can help you to focus on the specific items that you want to learn and give you some notes about other features that you may want to look at in the future.

While I am not officially a trained teacher, I have had aspirations in that direction in the past (and at one point I was applying for school I was strongly considering going into education). I have, however, had a lot of in-class experience as a student assistant. Many times the instructors would give the lessons in the first hour of class and then I would go out and make sure that the students understood what he had taught them by guiding them through the steps, usually with a great deal of success.

Cost Per Tutoring Sessions

One Hour Tutoring Session $30.00
 Two Hour Tutoring Session $50.00