Taking Your Business to a Higher Level

Content Management System (CMS) websites…

  • Enable the website owner to update, add, delete or otherwise edit website content on the fly.
  • Removes the need for the website owner or administrator to retain a webmaster to make simple updates to a website.
  • Provides the website owner with a secure administrative back end (accessed through a web browser) where content can be edited.
  • Enables the website owner to set up accounts with optional permissions settings for other administrators to work in the site. For instance, if the website owner has an administrative assistant who updates page content, permissions can be set so that this person cannot access the important setup controls of the site and only can access the page copy.
  • Since CMS sites are very popular, there are many cool applications and programs written for the site. The website owner can install these applications (called Plug-Ins) with the click of a button. No technical expertise is necessary.
  • Website editing without needing to know HTML.
  • No need to depend on a webmaster for website updates.
  • Easy handling of “rolling events” like speaking engagements
  • Post-dating of articles so they can automatically “go live” on the scheduled date.
    • This means that unlike the CMS or do-it-yourself sites you get elsewhere (like Yahoo, GoDaddy, Web.com, etc), the search engines will actually list the sites that we build more favorably!
    • Those other companies keep your website content loaded in a database with thousands of other customers – and that content can be hard to find for Google!
  • Create multiple site management accounts with different levels of permissions (Admin, User, Contributor, etc).
  • Easy addition of new functionality, tools and existing “widgets” (because your website code is “open source”).
  • Free support by the very responsive developer and user communities. The WordPress technology used in our sites is widely used and supported.
  • CMS sites are perfect for the small business that needs only a simple web presence – and does not NEED a full custom website..
  • The small business who wants a web site that will get ranked in the search engines.
  • Some smaller business don’t need a high-end custom website – but still need to make a favorable impression on their website visitor.


Pricing may vary depending on the scope of the project