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Seven Fatal Flaws to Avoid with Search Engine Optimization

Most companies whether big or small rely on the search engine marketing techniques for making the site more popular and definitely more search-engine friendly. You have to understand that there will be a lot of companies which will offer their SEO techniques. But you need to be extra cautious when you choose the company. Check out the 7 tips which should be followed if you want to avoid fatal mistakes.

* If you get an email about a SEO company which can do wonders for the site, you should think twice before giving away $100. You cannot buy 200 quality links with just $50. This is one of the tricks to lure small companies. If the SEO firm is a reputed one, it will never indulge in such tricks.

* If you are launching a new website, or updating the content of the site, you should start talking about the SEO techniques from day one. You can actually ask the company that helps with your SEO services about the average time they will take in order to optimize the site.

* When you think of SEO company, you should do some background search on the company. You should understand that online marketing is crucial for your site. You will have to choose the best service provider in the market. Ask questions, if you have any doubts. In case there are three companies which you have shortlisted, you should go through the feedback of the clients, before you chose one.

* You should always go for a SEO company which knows its job well. Moreover when it comes to strategies and tactics, it should always involve you in the decision-making process. If the SEO company is planning to use high-risk, or “black hat” tactics, and the site gets caught, you will be the one who will be penalized. You should involve yourself actively in the decision making process and keep a close watch on the work that is being done.

* The search engines which use crawlers will find out about your site, once your site contains a link which is already been crawled. You should not waste time by submitting the URL to search engines. SEO experts feel that search engine submission is no longer mandatory.

* You should make your site absolutely search-engine friendly. If you put too many robots.txt files, then you will have too many URLs. The convoluted navigation menu that will be used in the site will be unacceptable for the spiders. In such a case, the site will be considered unreadable by the crawlers. There should not be too many graphics or Flash design for the site.

* You should always remember that content is king. So you should implement the right SEO techniques in order to update the content of the site. You can actually make a glossary to create keyword-rich content. Moreover you can add some details like a questions page and testimonials page. There can be pages on product support manuals and how to submit articles. All these will help the site to make a good impression on the crawlers.

Quick Recap:
7 Tips to avoid fatal results in Search Engine Optimization process are:

  • Find for a reputed SEO firm.
  • Updating the content of the site
  • Do some research on the company?
  • Listen to SEO Experts
  • See the strategies and tactics used by the company.
  • Site absolutely search-engine friendly
  • Content must be unique.