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Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Organic traffic will always out perform any type of paid advertising.

There are two big reasons why this is so.

  1. Most casual surfers will see the first page and will click on the top 10 or so sites listed. Most casual surfers have no idea that the side bar is for paid advertising.
  2. Your website or blog listing will always be there. Unless your doing something illegal or managed to get your site banned for whatever reason. The more often they see it there the more they consider your site legitimate.

We all started with organic traffic. Do you remember when you first submitted your website or blog to google, yahoo or DMOZ? Your pages or posts are still there and will be there until…the end of time?

Of course having a permanent listing does not guarantee lots of traffic or even any visitors. This is why most Internet Marketing professionals started to do more organic search engine optimization for all their sites.

Now we can get better results from doing our homework such as keyword research and site optimization.

So we now move up the ladder. The results are better but once again like a wild animal looking for food we start looking for better results.

Enter article writing this method is more organic than any other traffic source out there. You write an article and submit them to the top article directories and viola! You’ve got a backlink and depending on how good and useful your articles are you get traffic.

No credit card to give out nor any money transferred out of your big fat bank account. The only thing you invested is time and some brain power to shoot out an article.

If you submitted your article to the top professional article directories it will be there today, tomorrow or until the directory ceases to exists. I started writing articles about my gardening site 5 years ago. Many of these articles are still giving me traffic to the site.

Compare this to any PPC, Pay for traffic service or even the latest “Facebook is better than google for paid advertising ebooks” that are over populating my and your email folder!

Once you stop paying for this traffic it stops, it’s over no one will see it again. Organic Search Engine Optimization works today, tomorrow and into the future.

This is a big reason why we should always write or develop good valuable content in all our marketing efforts.