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Daniel is a classically trained graphic designer with his BA in Visual Communications from Collins College (2006). Though his formal education began in 2003, his private training began in 1996 shortly after the internet really became public.

At first he just learned a few simple tags here and there, but after time he worked on a few private websites that his friends would encourage along until he worked on more and more complex styles until the site had all of the features that he wanted incorporated into it. Even though the site was done in standard HTML and used a table based navigation and no style sheets, Daniel was determined to keep continuity and cleanliness throughout the site to ensure that his viewers could navigate around the site without having to relearn the navigation on each page, a problem that he has always seen and always has issues with.

During College, Daniel participated in many groups including the Student Assistants Program, where he would go into the various classrooms of classes he had already taken (and a few he hadn’t yet, but proved he knew the information well enough to be admitted) and assist the students in their in-class projects to ensure that they were able to absorb the lectures of the instructors. He also worked on re-cloning the networks once every two months with the IT staff, and would also tutor students who needed extra help.

Also while in school, Daniel formed a special group that got together once a week and repaired photographs from victims of Hurricane Katrina. The group got local media coverage and received over 1,200 photographs and returned them to the victims out of their own pockets.

After College, Daniel got together with many of his fellow students and would work on projects with them. Through this he made contacts with several small companies who would offer website services but couldn’t handle the overflow of content.  Daniel jumped into the projects with vigor and has continued to work on the projects ever since.

On top of his web page overflow projects that he took on from time to time, Daniel also spent three years at the Grand Canyon South Rim working for Xanterra as their Graphic Design Coordinator. His time there taught him an amazing amount about Print Design, One on One Tutoring, Illustration, Photography, and Social Networking.

After working with Xanterra, Daniel moved on to a Support position with GoDaddy in Tempe, AZ. Daniel used his time there learning the ins and outs of Hosting, Domain Management, Email Setup, and so much more. It was while he was working with GoDaddy that he decided to begin advertising his webpage design once again and included a large print portfolio that he put together while with Xanterra. He also decided to begin Tutoring people and began offering Website Management for small and growing businesses.