Taking Your Business to a Higher Level

Why is Content Management so Preferred?

Building a web site usually comes right after choosing a name and right before ordering business cards. Which means that business are still facing loads of start-up expenses and haven’t even made their first dollar. No wonder entrepeneurs try to save money on their web sites.

While new business owners will eagerly sit down with a web developer, intending to build a web site that will knock the socks off of their vieweres in design and in the ease of usability, they usually walk away either depressed or angry when they discover how much those socks cost.

The old phrase, “It takes a village,” to build a website is very true in this aspect. Included among the professionals whose services are needed you have

  • A graphic designer
  • A content writer
  • A marketing professional
  • A programmer
  • A hosting provider

Then when you decide to make changes to your site you have to realize that they range from dollars-per-hour to dollars-per-page and even at times dollars-per-month, but the commonality here is: Dollars. And that’s just to get the web site launched. When it’s time to update the calendar, add new pages, or rewrite the page content for better Search Engine Optimization, plan on shelling out more dollars-per-hour to do so.

To cut costs, many new businesses look for other options to the traditional custom web site developer. Options they may want to consider include:

  • Getting “The kid next door” or “My brother in-law’s cousin” to build a site for you
  • Using a “Free Online Web Site Creator”
  • Downloading an Open Source Content Management web-builder

To be perfectly honest, any of the above options do work, and they could be the right solution for your situation depending on how willing you are to give up. Among the compromises that might need to be made are:

  • Original graphic design, your site will look like a lot of other people out there’s websites.
  • Professional graphic design, just because someone knows how to do something, doesn’t mean they are trained to do it.
  • Professional marketing advice, which can improve your viewers dramatically if done correctly.
  • Site management support, which means that if your site has issues it’s all on you.
  • Site Functionality, which may also be compromised since you may not be able to change parts of the templates that you purchased or downloaded for free.

“Support” is usually the number one problem folks will have when they try to save money on their web presence. When the kid next door is never around to update the site or the online web site creator can’t provide the function customers are asking for, the entrepreneur often returns to the traditional web developer for help. Unfortuanately, there is often no choice but to start fresh. Which means the entrepreneur bought some time maybe, but is facing the same estimate they walked away from in the first place.

Content Management web sites built with Open Source code are not the cheapest option, but they can equal custom-developed sites on many levels at a fraction of the cost and problems. Among the current Content Management systems available that you may have heard about are Joomla, Dupral, and WordPress.

Each of these wonderful CMS programs offer similar features and each has their loyal fans. The scale tips a bit towards WordPress due to it’s near limitless features created for free by the many developers out there.